About Us

People want answers. Why do I feel the way I do? Why am I suffering from emotional turmoil and mental anguish. For many people, counseling is effective short term, but even the most complex scientific models of therapy cannot provide answers they are seeking. The answer is this: We are more spirit than we are flesh. We cannot adequately address mental health without addressing spiritual health.

Originally founded as Live More Abundantly in 2012 in Phoenix, AZ, Faith Solutions to Mental Health has served individuals and families around the United States through its unique integrated form of coaching, faith-based mentoring, biblical analysis, pastoral counseling, teaching, training and consultation. At Faith Solutions, we confront and address mental health conditions through our faith. We address deep rooted issues such as generational curses, the spirit of suicide,’ emotional wounds, spiritual trauma, open doors, the lusts of the flesh…and more, as it relates to a person moving forward in their mental health. Most importantly, as the ultimate goal of services, we lead people back to the creator. We teach that ultimate healing comes through pursuing purpose in Him.

At Faith Solutions, in addition to working with individuals and families, we educate, train, and equip professionals to address mental health from not only a scientific model, but also through the lense of faith. We train pastors, leaders and those with the gift of helps on how to combine deliverance ministry with an effective counseling ministry in the local church.  We also service the community by responding in times of urgent need.

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