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When we look at events in our world today, it is obvious we are in pain.  Just looking at the news, we can see a world that is hurt and broken. Crime, hatred, poverty, suicide, disease, death. The pain is deep rooted and generational–and because of it, our minds are not right.  We need help!

“The spirit of man can sustain his infirmity, but a broken spirit, who can bear.” (Proverbs 18:14)

Did you know that according to the National Institutes of Mental Health, 17.9% of adults, 18 and older, experience mental illness (  That is about 1 in 6 people.  We can assume the numbers are double, but we will never know because of the very real stigma associated with acknowledging mental health issues.

Mental illness is not limited to one socioeconomic group, but it stretches across groups and classes of people everywhere. It is the one disease that can touch you no matter who you are. No one is exempt from experiencing a mental health crisis, either personally or with a loved one.

Despite the mass numbers who are receiving mental health treatment, it seems people are getting worse.  In general, mental health systems around the world are not working.  People are not being healed.  There is a sense of hopelessness when it comes to mental illness.  Not only are adults suffering, but an increasing amount of children as young as age 5 years old are entering the mental health system and being prescribed heavy psychotropic medications for years at a time.  Many of these children grow up to become involved in drug and alcohol abuse at an early age.  They end of up in prison and on the street.

The truth is, our current mental health system is a gateway to drug addiction, medical disease, generational poverty, homelessness, and ongoing mental illness.  It is a recycling center with the exit point being social welfare, prison, and early death.

At Faith Solutions to Mental Health, we believe that we are more spirit than we are flesh.  In order to address mental health and bring healing to those suffering with mental illness, we must first address their spiritual health.  We help people by confronting and addressing mental health from the realms of the spirit through the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We address deep rooted issues such as generational curses, the spirit of suicide,’ emotional wounds, spiritual trauma, open doors, the lusts of the flesh…and more, as it relates to a person moving forward in their mental health. Most importantly, as the ultimate goal of services, we lead people back to the Creator. We teach that ultimate healing comes through pursuing purpose in Him.

At Faith Solutions, in addition to working with individuals and families, we educate, train, and equip professionals to address mental health from not only a scientific model, but also through the lens of faith. We train pastors, leaders and those with the gift of helps on how to combine deliverance ministry with an effective counseling ministry in the local church.  We also service the community by responding in times of urgent need.

It is true–the battlefield is in the mind.

A mother snuggles her baby at a clinic
A mother snuggles her baby at a clinic

It is the mission of Faith Solutions to Mental Health to bring hope and healing to those who suffer with mental illness in the most desolate areas here in the United States and around the world.  In this way, we are also closing the gap for the millions who have no access to mental healthcare.  If we can adequately address mental health issues from a healing perspective, we can begin to see recovery of the spirit of man.  It is then that we will see healing in the areas of poverty, desolation, disease, social unbalance, abuse, and so much more.  We will begin to see our world change for the better.

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