Vendors and Sponsors

Welcome to the 2018 Mental Health and Faith Conference!

The mission of Faith Solutions to Mental Health is to help the broken in the area of mental health through Christ centered faith principles towards counseling, healing, deliverance, and recovery. We are pleased to offer opportunities for Christ-centered ministries, organizations and businesses to sow into this great effort by becoming vendors and sponsors during the 2018 Mental Health and Faith Conference.

Call for Vendors and Sponsors

January 26th – 27th, 2018

Currently Accepting:

Behavioral Health Agencies

Non Profit Community Organizations

Churches and Deliverance Ministries


Other Approved Businesses and Products

Sponsors/Vendors for the 2018 Mental Health and Faith Conference

Package F

Sponsorship Package Gold – $1,000+, includes vendor spot, Package E, event registration, preferred seating, and special recognition at conference.


Package E

Sponsorship Package Silver – $500, includes Package C, full page advertisement in conference magazine, and listing on website.


Package D

Sponsorship Package Bronze – $250, includes Package C plus quarter page advertisement in conference magazine.


Package C

Includes Package A and Package B


Package B

Includes vendor spot 7am to 7pm on Saturday, January 27th


Package A

Includes vendor spot during our Mental Health Clinic on Friday, January 26th.


By making this purchase, you agree to the following:

Vendors/Sponsors accepted are limited to behavioral health agencies, non-profit community organizations, churches and deliverance ministries, inspirational authors, and other pre-approved businesses and product distributors.  Faith Solutions to Mental Health will not accept vendors/exhibitors whose products, and/or mission reflect ideas contrary to the Christian faith.

  1. Vendors/sponsors must bring their own tables/chairs for the event.
  2. Vendors/sponsors agree to limit advertising, set-up and selling to the vendor designated area(s).
  3. Vendors/sponsors operation is allowable between the hours of 5:00pm and 9:00pm on Friday, January 26th.  Vendor/sponsor operation is allowable between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00pm on Saturday, January 27th.  Set up may begin at 7:30am.  Space is on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Vendors/sponsors station may not block doors or main walkway.
  5. Vendors/sponsor must exit property by 9:00pm each day.
  6. Overnight storage is not available at the venue.
  7. Vendors/sponsors may not drive vehicles onto sidewalk for loading.
  8. Vendors/sponsor agreement covers one 8 x 5 ft. space only.
  9. Use of electricity is prohibited for vendors/sponsors.
  10. Microphones, music and other sound equipment are prohibited.
  11. In the event of vendors/sponsors cancellation, no refunds will be given.  Funds will be submitted to the Faith Solutions to Mental Health Foundation.
  12. If location of the event is changed, vendors/sponsors will be notified immediately via contact information given.
  13. Vendors/sponsors agree that event registration is required for entry into conference.
  14. Vendors/sponsors agree that any vendor/sponsor whose behavior is deemed as criminal or unethical, or disturbing the peace will be required to leave immediately without refund.  Refusal of this request may require involvement of law enforcement.

Vendor/Sponsor agrees to be solely responsible for loss or damage to sale articles and any vendor property and to hold Faith Solutions to Mental Health, Glendale Community Center, and any affiliates harmless from any and all liability, which may result from vendor’s negligence or willful misconduct or other mishaps.

**Faith Solutions to Mental Health does not offer refunds in the event of inconvenient weather, vendor/exhibitor cancellation or emergency event cancellation.

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